How To Get Ripped – Let’s Get It IN

theseweightsHey there, Healthy Additions back at it again with a no non-sense post. You want to get ripped, I want to get ripped, we all want big muscles and little to no body fat. I mean, you just gotta love it. I’m here to hit you with easy to do ways that will help shred your body-fat, blow up your muscles and have you looking huge and cut.

Get Your Carbs Right

It’s very important to have a carbohydrate strategy and to follow it carefully. You may have wrongly heard that carbs are the devil and they should be avoided for the most part. You’ve heard wrong. Carbs are very beneficial and are essentially for life. They power our systems and give us energy to keep going. Carbs need to be consumed carefully, and you should have a plan to follow. But do not  be afraid to eat them!

Eat Lots More Fat

Yep, if you eat the right types of fat you will see pretty impressive results. For one, it’s not fat that is actually making you fat – it is just too much food. Fat can actually help stave off hunger and keep you feeling fuller, longer. Fats are also needed to create hormones in our body like testosterone and for our body to function properly.

Less Cardio, More Weights

You simply won’t gain much muscle if you do a lot of cardio. When you do cardio, you are burning calories, but not really stimulating your muscles to do much growing. I still enjoy cardio and working up a good sweat, as I think endurance is important as well. Try things such as swimming, HIIT workouts and track and field exercises if you would like to do some cardio. For the most part, simply jogging is not good for gaining muscle.

Try A Supplement

Supplements can get a bad rap due to shady business practices, but in reality the right supplement can completely change your game. Supplements simply give your body what they need to work at peak efficiency, and the all natural ones work in harmony with your body to complete this. Take a look at this extensive list of steroid replacements and see how they can benefit you. They are all natural and free of side effects.

There you have it, go out there and get ripped!

Thanks guys.


Top Supplements to Take Before a Workout

Pre workout supplements are any kind of supplement taken before you work out – they are intended to give you energy and boost your potential. They also increase your focus so you can fully engage in every lift and motion.

Before I tried a pre workout, I thought they were pointless and just another way for lifting companies to get my money. But after trying a it right before one of my early morning workouts, I can honestly say it pushed my potential to the next level. I was fully focused on every lift and my energy seemed almost endless.

health-and-wellness-fitness-challengeSo I have to say, yes I definitely recommend a preworkout for most athletes now! Be cautious if you haven’t take one of these types of products before, as they typically contain large amounts of caffeine and other substances that will really get your heart pumping.

If you have any kind of heart condition, I would definitely NOT recommend taking any of these products.

Top Supplements To Boost Your Performance

My personal favorite is the classic, C4 original supplement by Cellucor. It is my tried and true and has never let me down. If you are struggling to complete your workout or find yourself out of energy half way through, give this a try. To be safe, most companies only recommend you taking half a scoop the first time you use it – to give your body a change to get used to it. But if you feel fine after half a scoop and feel like you could up the ante, go ahead and try out the full scoop. It should be an even more invigorating experience!

PRE JYM – Another All-Star

PRE JYM is another good product brought to us by the good guys over at JYM. A friend had this and I tried it before one of my recent workouts, it is not a bad supplement by any means. In fact, many guys swear by it and say it is the best of the best. So I would highly recommend also giving this product a try, and maybe comparing it with C4 and see which one affects you in the most positive way. I would recommend checking out Ultimate Core Health for a great breakdown of pre workout and post workout regimens and supplements. Their advice has saved me countless times!


I hope this quick article has helped you in your journey to pre workout stardom. I was a little nervous before I started just because I had no idea what to expect. It will feel like you have had about 3 cups of coffee, but in the best way. You will be extremely energized and focused on the task at hand.

Some Healthy Additions To Your Life

heartfrompizelbayHey everyone! Elisa here with my first installment of healthy additions. Today we are going to be hitting you with some serious health tips that should take your wellness to the next level. You’re about to be SO zen right now, it’s just ridiculous.


So without further ADO, here are a few of these legendary tips:

Switch a soda for a water.

If you are like me, you drink A LOT of soda. In fact, at one point I was drinking more soda than water, and that is not a good thing. Soda is full of insane amounts of sugar, like amounts that will scare you. If that isn’t terrifying enough, just look at some of the effects of too much sugar on our bodies: Chronic inflammation, diabetes, insulin resistance and bloating just to name a few. I believe excess sugar is one of the worst things for our bodies, and sugar is everywhere in this day and age.

That is why I want you to take one actionable step today, and replace just one of your soda drinks with water. It could even be carbonated water (just no sugar!) so it will still give you the tingling feeling of drinking soda without all the sugar!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

2) Get that Heart moving

STOP what you are doing right this instant! Now get up, and get your heart rate up! I suggest jumping jacks, pushups, bodyweight squats, arm rotations, just anything to get your heart rate up and the blood moving! Just give me 5 minutes of this today, then 6 minutes tomorrow, 7 the next day, up and up until you reach 30 minutes of activity per day! This is the amount experts recommend getting for better heart health.

3) Take a moment to be grateful

Really think about all the fortune you have in your life. Take just a FEW minutes to reflect on all the positive aspects there are in your life. If you are like me, your mind will want to immediately start to sabotage this by bringing up negative feedback. This is ok, and this is normal. Let your mind through it’s tantrum, then go back to the positives. Without training, your mind is like a toddler, fussing and whining if everything doesn’t go it’s way. Life is so crazy and full of ups and downs, that this attitude is a serious detriment to happiness. We need to be grateful everday for what we are given. Please give it a try now as it will make a marked difference in your mood.

Welcome to Healthy Additions!

Hello and welcome everyone to my personal pet project, Healthy Additions! This site has been in my mind for over a year now, and I finally got around to creating it just today! I think you are going to really enjoy the content I provide for you on here.

So, what exactly is Healthy Additions anyway? Well, I created this site to highlight small, actionable steps you can add into your life TODAY that will make a big difference in your health and wellbeing. Some of these tips are simple, such as ride a bike to work! But some are much more than that, and I will be revealing them in upcoming blog posts. Sorry for the cliffhanger, but you’ll just have to bookmark us and come back next time for some juicy content!